Adele Bates - Creative Educator


I am thrilled to be a part of ThoughtBox Education’s NGT network. The alignment in our approaches and beliefs surrounding education is exciting for our next generation and I look forward to coming together on a range of ideas with ThoughtBox as well as sharing my own work and practices with the school network. 

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I am a teacher, a facilitator, an educator.

I use my creativity to make education work for students who believe themselves to be hopeless, disengaged and, at worst, "not clever enough". I adapt the learning to support the students' journey, I do not expect my students to fit into a fixed system - unless they have contributed to it in the first place.

I currently lead workshops, training, programmes and participate in education conferences around topics including Equality and Diversity, Relationship and Sexual Health Education, Human Rights, LGBT+ awareness, Public Speaking, and Menstrual Cycle Awareness in Education.

I have been teaching for 16 years; as a mainstream secondary school English Teacher and lead coordinator of Equality and Diversity, in Pupil Referral Units and SEND schools, as the Founder of Brighton Drama School, as a University Visiting Lecturer, as a Conference Speaker, as a Mentor for teachers and as a one-to-one Voice Coach. 

My ultimate goal now is to create an alternative education organisation for teenage pupils who have been excluded from mainstream schools. I am currently researching, collaborating and learning how to achieve this.



Sometimes learning looks like quiet students focusing hard; reading, writing and typing.
Sometimes learning looks like arguments, debates and frustration (something may even get broken).
Sometimes learning looks like hilarity, spilt paint and gravy in a pupil’s hair.
Sometimes learning looks like a daydream, a doodle,                                      an absence.
— Adele Bates