Anna Thomson - Founder of Nourishing Families


Anna Thomson started her organisation Nourishing Families after an extended period of time living in Japan and realising just how connected children and families were to the ingredients, cooking and nutrition of the food they were eating. Her programmes aim to transform how young people and families experience food and mealtimes, which can have a positive ripple-effect on many so many areas of life and wellbeing.


Anna Thomson is a registered nutritionist who practices nutritional therapy from clinics in Exeter and Totnes. 

Through her work, she noticed how parents were experiencing increasing difficulties around feeding their children and how young people weren’t being taught enough about food and nutrition.

Diet is now recognised as the number one factor for poor health causing more illness than even smoking. There are plenty of healthy eating messages out there but are they the right ones? 

More importantly, there is very little on our food habits and culture and how these might be contributing to the current situation.


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