ThoughtBox Joins DEEP Network


ThoughtBox is delighted to have teamed up with DEEP Germany to collaborate on educational projects with schools and young change makers across Europe. 

DEEP Germany is a non-profit association which advocates for positive change towards a more sustainable and peaceful world. They do this through a series of projects and activities, all built around the notion of bringing people together, encouraging dialogue and discussion and promoting tolerance and peace.

Explore more of their ideas in the short video entitled 'What is Peace?':

One of DEEP Germany's main areas of focus is Training & Education through which the DEEP team plans, creates and implements project days for schools on the topic of peace and sustainable development. As part of these projects, the DEEP team took over a school in Madrid for three days earlier this year, running consecutive project days based around sustainable development and peace education. Over 800 students and 80 staff worked on four different aspects across the project: Social Inequality, Sustainable Consumption, Migration Crisis and Terrorism. Discussions and debates were then created using the forum of a 'World Cafe' and presentations and exhibitions were given at the end of the workshops. 

DEEP Germany also fosters empathic engagement and critical thinking through a series of Intercultural Encounters. Within this context, the group run a range of projects and gatherings such as theatre, cooking or football events amongst migrants, refugees and local German communities, providing opportunities to gain fresh views on societal problems whilst reflecting upon one's own role and remaining open and active in promoting tolerance and empathy. See their Projects Page for more information. 

DEEP Germany is part of an international N.G.O called Global DEEP Network. Standing for Dialogue, Empathic Engagement and Peacebuilding, the DEEP network is a global community currently working in 17 countries including Japan, Afghanistan, Australia, Indonesia and Pakistan.

All of the DEEP organisations - or 'nodes' as they are called - are working alongside each other across the world, sharing common values and beliefs and supporting each other's efforts. Each DEEP network is striving to build a nonviolent and ecologically sustainable world where people everywhere are able to live a good life ("Buen Vivir") in peace.

DEEP believes that we all have much to gain and lessons to learn from marginalised communities when dealing with our myriad global problems, be they ecological degradation, violent conflict, racism, inequality or alienation. They firmly believe that peace is the norm in human life and the violence taking place in several parts of the world is the anomaly.

DEEP Germany and ThoughtBox will be working together on a variety of education projects to foster peaceful, active and critical engagement with societal issues of today, all of which will encompass the core aims of ThoughtBox: Critical Thinking, Empathy Building and Unlearning.  One of the first projects of the collaboration will be establishing an interactive cross-cultural sharing platform  - called Youth Café  - to bring young people from a range of different countries and communities together in dialogue (more details to follow soon).

Learn more about the  Global DEEP Network or the German node by visiting the website here or meet some of the core DEEP Germany members below.

Rachel Musson