Célia Demoor  - Director of DEEP France


There are great synergies between the work we are doing within some of the DEEP France projects and  theideas that ThoughtBox is exploring, especially within the ‘Immigration & Refugees’ curriculum. Both projects are focusing on unlearning stereotypes about the refugee status and promoting the importance of seeing the whole of the person living the experience of displacement.

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"DEEP France is committed to building an intercultural, peaceful, conscientious and sustainable society, anchored in a culture of peace, where all the people who make up the society have a voice.

We are a community of persons - professional or otherwise - who work for the construction of peace,  dialogue and the transformation of the conflicts. Our actions are mainly based around the creation of dialogue, awareness and empathy development through projects, events or awareness-raising actions.

Anyone who recognizes our values s welcome to become an active member, to support us in activities, to propose ideas or a project that implements our vision of a society focused on the understanding of the 'other' and social and ecological sustainability.

Our “Voices of migrants” film project emerged from an urge to voice out the need for hosting, for understanding, and for solidarity. It was also created to defend fundamental rights for all, in the current context of the European fortress that observes rising extremism and isolationism, to the point that its borders have become graveyards.

There is humanitarian help, undeniably necessary, and there is the political debate. In the latter, voices are many, noisy, yet too often external, abstract, paternalistic, or even empty, lacking reality and responsibility. “Migrants”, “refugees”, “migration flood”, “migration crisis”… These words imprison identity, reduce existence. Invisible lives, but visible and deviant bodies. Undesirable and undesired.

By choosing to talk with them, these films give them the floor.