Our current education system is broken. It is failing our children, it is failing our teachers, it is failing our communities.It is time to call for change and to stand together to support our teachers and give our children the education they deserve.



1. In the importance of teaching our children how, not what, to think.

2. That learning about empathy, compassion and emotional intelligence is just as important (if not more so) as learning facts and information to pass exams

3. That education should be about nurturing happy, healthy children ready to go out into the world and thrive.



1. Championing an Education Evolution that values emotional health and independent thinking as much as exam results

2. Developing learning programmes that address the root causes of mental health issues and support emotional wellbeing

3. Helping young people develop the life skills they need to walk into the future able to thrive


1. Government leaders to reform the National Curriculum to support new learning strategies for emotional wellbeing and policies that empower schools and teachers to do what's needed, not what's always been done

2. School Leaders and Teachers to support young people by recognising the value of life skills for developing emotional intelligence, independent thinking and global learning both within the classroom and wider school environment

3. Parents, Individuals, Organisations and Communities to help young people, teachers and schools by supporting our movement to tackle emotional health challenges in schools.


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We, the undersigned, having witnessed the alarming rise in mental health problems in our young people, call for a change in our education systems to support a more compassionate and more emotionally connected approach to learning.

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