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Global Cultures Lesson Plans


Questions you will explore

  • What is culture and where does it come from?
  • What are some of the greatest threats to cultural diversity?
  • How are cultural stereotypes being perpetuated through "the single story"?
  • Is there an ideal culture? What might this mean?
  • How is globalisation affecting cultural diversity?
  • How can we all become better global citizens?
  • What is cultural respect and why should we practice it when we travel?

Aims & Objectives:

Each lesson starts with a short film which serves as the platform for the lesson’s discussions, allowing students to engage firstly with the ideas raised in the film and then develop insight and engagement in the topic. Students will practise skills of critical thinking & questioning, deep listening and empathy building. Lessons will encourage students to engage in cross-cultural learning, exploring differences across traditions whilst promoting tolerance and celebration of cultural diversity. Students will examine the media influence on creating stereotypes, learning to question assumptions by opening boxes on a variety of lifestyles, cultures and identities.


Beyond Lessons


To enhance the learning further, why not engage your students with:



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