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Immigration & Refugees Lesson Plans


Questions you will explore

  • What is the difference between a migrant, an immigrant and a refugee?
  • What does it mean to be classified as ‘refugee’?
  • Why are those amongst us classified as ‘migrants’ often portrayed negatively?
  • What are the ripple effects of the global immigration crisis, both on those leaving home and those receiving people in?
  • How have we made wanting a better life for ourselves somehow illegal?
  • Do any of us have a right to call our land home?

Aims and Objectives:

Each lesson starts with a short film which serves as the platform for the lesson’s discussions, allowing students to engage firstly with the ideas raised in the film and then develop insight and engagement in the topic. Students will practise skills of critical thinking & questioning, deep listening and empathy building. They will engage in some of the causes of global migration, understanding the lack of choice that many face whilst working to dissolve stereotypes and media bias. Lessons will encourage empathic engagement with individuals' stories, exploring the notion of the privilege of birth and questioning biases.


Beyond Lessons


To enhance the learning further, why not engage your students with:



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