Collaborating with ThoughtBox

Our schools and partners are innovators. They take action and they know that to get a different result we need to do something different. They share our belief in the power of education to shape a better world. Our partners are the schools, teachers, patrons and changemakers who provide the foundations that allow us to take on one of the world’s toughest and most rewarding challenges.


ThoughtBox Schools

ThoughtBox schools all share a common purpose - to develop the knowledge, skills and emotional health of their community. Their focus is to enhance students' life-skills and emotional intelligence, to support teachers in feeling connected in the classroom and to inspire a more empathic and engaged response to global challenges ahead. ThoughtBox schools share a common purpose - to create learning environments that nurture emotional health and support young people in making sense of the world. 


ThoughtBox Changemakers

Our changemakers  - or as we call them New Generation Thinkers - are a network of carefully selected individual members or organisations who are standing up for new ways of thinking and being in the world. We know that by connecting our students to the thinkers, the dreamers, the doers and the believers, we can ignite their sparks of curiosity and creativity and help our children to come alive into the world and achieve the extraordinary.


ThoughtBox Patrons

Every community has a school at its heart, but not all schools have the community at theirs.  It is time to change the approach and allow you – the people that care about the future of the children in your community – to get involved, to pledge your support and to make a difference. We invite patrons to donate a ThoughtBox Membership to their local school to support young people's enrichment and allow a more connected  global learning approach within the community. 


ThoughtBox Media Partners

As support for ThoughtBox and this sort of learning is growing amongst our communities, we welcome writers, journalists, bloggers and story-telllers to share the work that we are doing to support emotional health amongst our young people. From bedroom bloggers to award winning journalists, our Media Partners understand and appreciate the value of what ThoughtBox is doing and can't wait to share our stories with the world.