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We can all communicate. It’s the nature of what we do as human beings from birth. But the quality of communication is what is important. It’s the difference between a good relationship and bad one. The work that ThoughtBox engages with - supporting healthy connections within schools - aligns wonderfully with the approach that we take at Fit2Communicate, supporting schools and educators to find easy ways to communicate more effectively for a healty school environment.

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"Myself and colleague Karen Dempster see ourselves as thought leaders in every aspect of communication.  Our mission is to raise the standard of communication in schools through a whole school approach that starts with the vision and better engages teachers and parents. Our ultimate outcome is to enable students to be at their best. Great communication is at the heart of our success, whether we are individuals or an organisation.  

Fit2Communicate works directly with a number of schools, coaching leadership teams to be great communicators and removing barriers to improve teacher and parental engagement. The critical aspect of our approach is to have a school vision that becomes the North Star for all a school does.  

We are happy to offer training, consultancy and talks to schools about our work in communication.