Kyle Perkins - Founder of Parkour Experiences


When I first heard of ThoughtBox and the work Rachel was doing I instantly knew this was a movement I wanted to be a part of. After speaking with Rachel about her work it was clear we shared many of the same ideas and concerns about the current state of education, and how young people interact in today's society and I hope to be able to help support the next generation through my own experiences, ideas and teaching.

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At 19 I was faced with an opportunity that not many people of that age have: I could stay in college or start a business. I took the leap and set out on my own path with zero knowledge, zero savings yet plenty of positive thinking. Nearly a decade later my business - teaching, performing and filming as a professional freerunner and coach - is still going strong. Through teaching the art of movement (Parkour) the idea of getting to point A to point B in the most effective way possible it has given me many great opportunities in working with, and for young people from all walks of life.

Since I was 16 I've been featured in many magazines and newspapers about my work as a freerunner and after being given the opportunity to coach I have moved down a self-made path of coaching, which later transitioned into mentoring. Through my work as parkour coach, many young people have felt the benefits of the power of movement - not only physically but mentally. As they overcome physical obstacles they then gain the ability to overcome mental ones.

Through my own experiences growing up, I have developed the ability to teach, coach and mentor in a relatable way, helping young people to talk about issues that others either have no reference for, or don't feel comfortable speaking about. This comes through the way I teach and speak when engaging with the youth groups I work with.

Working on the sidelines of the education system has given me great insight into the struggles students and teachers face in not only main stream education but alternative and home schooling too. I hope to help young people achieve and forge their own futures, utilising my skills and accumulated knowledge to support their journeys; be it through movement, exploration or mentoring.

I am the founder of Parkour Experiences. You can contact the team for movement based work, one to ones and mentoring by visiting our website: