Which words would you save?

Which words would you save?🤔

As 'conker' and 'kingfisher' disappear from English dictionaries in favour of 'broadband' and 'download', this delicious book from Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris is protesting against the loss of words from our value systems and has created an exquisite collection of poetry and paintings to capture and celebrate "The Lost Words".

Moved by the actions of the book, a school bus-driver from Scotland - Jane Beaton - crowdfunded £25,000 in order to fund a copy of the book to be given to all 2,681 schools in Scotland, understanding the importance these words for our children and their connection to and love of the natural world.

What do you think - should the dictionary be dropping words to describe nature in favour of technology? What value should we be putting on our words?

Read more here: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/feb/10/the-lost-words-campaign-delivers-nature-spellbook-to-scottish-schools