Do you look for the good?

Reading the news each day, you would be forgiven for thinking that the world is a terrible place, that we are all narcissistic, fear-mongering idiots out to get each other, to destroy the world and to ruin everything in it.

Yet, you know that this is not you. You are not a bad person, you are beautiful. And you know that this is not the people that you love. And you are pretty sure it is also not the people that they love nor the people whom they love love...

Guess what?

Most people are beautiful. The world is filled with good people living good lives, doing good things and working to make the world more beautiful. And the world itself is filled with beauty, everywhere you look.

If you choose to see the bad, the ugly, the fearful and the hatred you can easily feed your mind with more and more until it is all that you see. But if you choose instead to see the good, to see the beauty that is out there, you will suddenly realise it is everywhere, it is overwhelming and it waiting for you to find :)

Rachel MussonComment