Could your television be getting in the way of your happiness?

TVs are great - constant, endless, easy entertainment at the push of a button. But could your television be standing in the way of your happiness?

Think about it: you get home from school after a long, busy day and you turn on the TV to relax for a while. Before you know it, four hours have gone by, it's time for bed and (let's be honest) you didn't really care that much about what you have just watched - you zombified yourself to the little black box for a few hours and by morning, most of what you watched will be forgotten.

Imagine what you could be doing with your time if that TV wasn't there? 

For some people this may seem like a terrifying thought, the idea of all of those empty hours to fill. Yet not having a television in the house gives you back your freedom.  Without a television, you are in control of your life. You can now choose what you watch on your computer and regulate your viewing. 

Your days feel suddenly so much longer and the opportunities available to are much wider as there are endless ways now to spend your time. Your creativity is so much stronger, your connections with others become so much deeper and your happiness may just ultimately become so much greater.

So, what do you think? Could getting rid of your television be a big step on the journey of happiness?

Rachel MussonComment