What do you know about pesticides?

How much do you know about how your food is grown? What are some of the environmental and health impacts of using pesticides to grow crops? What does 'organic' actually mean?

Permaculture practice helps growers to understand how to plant healthy crops without pesticides by using the natural balance of the eco-system to prevent weather or insects from destroying the crops.

One example of this is seen below: planting strips of wildflowers throughout fields of crops encourages pest-eating insects to spread throughout the fields, cutting the need for pesticides: https://www.positive.news/2018/environment/32902/out-with-pesticides-in-with-wildflowers/

Unfortunately, the pesticide industry controls a lot of the world's wealth - and crop production- and it is the big businesses telling us that pesticides are the only way to make our crops grow healthily. However, it is important to understand that this is not a 'truth' and therefore we do not need to believe it.

Find out more here: http://www.seedsoffreedom.info/