Are your days filled with joy?

What is joy? As an emotion it is hard to explain, yet we all know how it feels. Joy comes from something as small as an icecream to something as magnificent as a waterfall or rainbow.

Knowing how to bring more joy into our lives is an important skill - and is actually quite simple to do. Research shows that the feelings of joy often come from colourful, light, abundant things such as fireworks, confetti, rainbows, hot air balloons etc. So painting classrooms or nursing homes with bright colours, hanging balls down from ceilings in hospitals or offices - these simple additions can create entire atmospheres which make us feel a sense of elation.

What is your school like? How much is the atmopshere of your school set out to encourage joyfulness? What could be changed?

Take a look at this three minute TED Talk which explains how we can bring more joy into our lives:

Rachel MussonComment