Malcolm Parlett


When ThoughtBox first encountered the work of Malcolm, it was immediately clear just how much overlap there was between our work and his approach. It has been fascinating to explore Malcolm’s teachings on ‘Whole Intelligence’ and weave these into the frameworks of the ThoughtBox Learning Journey.


Malcolm Parlett is a Gestalt teacher, consultant, researcher and writer with an international reputation as an innovative thinker and activator.

His work draws on radical ways of thinking and responding to the world’s crises using our whole self, are described in his book Future Sense: Five explorations of whole intelligence for a world that’s waking up. His work shows us that tackling global problems can begin in the microcosm of our own lives and our interconnectedness means that changes in the small worlds we inhabit have ripple effects in the big world. These ideas of how to respond to big challenges are used within the framework of many of our ThoughtBox progammes, helping young people explore tricky issues using a range of approaches and intelligences.

Malcolm’s teaching, practice and writing focuses on different competences and human potentialities, exploring how they are often suppressed or negated by unsupportive conditions or systems and how they can be reclaimed and strengthened for personal, local, and (ultimately) global benefit. His priority is to help energise and support a variety of social, educational, and personal projects in communities across the world.

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