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Developing an understanding of our cultural identities and our special skills and unique attributes, exploring diversity and celebrating difference.



Exploring happiness in the different stages of our lives and understanding ways to support our own emotional well-being as we evolve and grow.



Engaging in some of the journeys that people take in life, exploring some of the reasons for these journeys and how it might feel to be displaced or to live as a refugee.

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Exploring the feeling of home, understanding how it might feel to not have a home and engaging with some of the ways we can make people feel welcome and ‘at home’.

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Exploring some of the journeys of our rubbish, understanding some of the stories of where waste goes across the world when we throw it ‘away’ and how we can learn to change our throw-away habits.

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Exploring connections between humans and the natural world, engaging with some of the creatures in the rainforest and understanding how we are all sharing space and can learn to live sustainably together.


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