Richard & Nicola Eckersley – Britain's First Zero Waste Shop. 


“We want to live in a world where consuming doesn’t have to cost the earth!” This perfectly aligns with the vision of ThoughtBox, which is to support people in creating a world that is sustainable, clean and thriving for our future generations to enjoy. ThoughtBox and The Zero Waste Shop plan to work together to implement a range of activities to support young people in moving a few steps closer to a zero-waste future.


"At Earth.Food.Love. we are trying to create a world we wish existed - we sell organic food, packaging free! We encourage people to reuse over recycle, allowing them to bring any container for their food. Shopping this way eliminates single-use plastic and also cuts food waste, as you buy how much you actually need.

Along with dried food, we also sell a range of liquid food such as vinegar, maple syrup and tamari. We sell all these liquids on weight, not volume, allowing you to again get how much you actually need. In our non-food section we have organic cleaning products and zero waste lifestyle items such as bamboo toothbrushes and stainless steel razors.

The disposable culture we are currently living in must stop; we hope to use our shop as a talking point for people to evaluate their own plastic use. The key to change lies in education and we are optimistic that shopping this way will return, after all it isn’t a new concept, just an old tradition that got left behind."