Saif Ali - Integr8 UK


Both the vision and overall ethos of Integr8 UK align closely with those of ThoughtBox – the importance of supporting young people to “unlearn” their stereotypes and prejudices surrounding refugees and asylum seekers is more important now than it has ever been – and Saif and ThoughtBox are looking forward to working closely together to support positive integration and celebrate diversity.

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"Integr8 UK is a non-for-profit community development social enterprise founded following my experiences as a refugee coming from Iraq. Inspired by my 18-year journey of seeking asylum, I founded Integr8 UK in 2015 right after receiving my leave to remain. Through collaborative work with other refugee-support agencies, we aim to empower people and create unique opportunities to enable them to integrate and lead a purposeful life and work experience in the UK.

I envision a world that is enriched by the diverse experiences and unique gifts that refugees and asylum seekers carry. My mission is to enable them to uncover those gifts and share them in a world where everyone feels respected, included and able to embrace their differences and celebrate their individuality beyond labels and limitations."