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Government funding cuts mean that our children are missing out on key enrichment programmes that nurture their emotional health, as many schools simply do not have the budget to provide for this. We believe that every child deserves to be fully supported in their emotional development as well as their intellectual growth. And we need your help.

Do you know a school that would benefit from our programmes? Maybe it's your son or daughter's school? Maybe it is the school in your local community? Whomever and wherever it may be, we need your help to bring these enrichment programmes to our children in order to help them to develop emotional intelligence and learn to make sense of the world.


Every community has a school at its heart, but not all schools have the community at theirs. It is time to change the approach and allow you – the people that care about the future of the children in your community – to get involved, to pledge your support and to make a difference. 

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This sort of learning can't wait.
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