Tonny Wamboga - Co-Founder of 'Tusafishe'


Tonny is a true changemaker, working to elicit positive change in his country of Uganda through creative thinking and sustainable innovation. His work with Tusafishe will form part of the upcoming ThoughtBox curriculum on water, where you can learn more about the changes already happening and what you can do to support his initiative.    

Tonny Wamboga Tusafishe.jpg

Tonny Wamboga is the co-founder of Tusafishe and is completely passionate about water. He grew up in rural Uganda fetching water from a contaminated wells, having to walk 1.5kms to take the water home. He regularly fell sick and decided to do something about this problem, which many Ugandans face.

As a scholar of the Social Innovation Academy (SINA), Tonny started the production of affordable water filters, using locally available resources. Tusafishe was born.

Our planet has only 2.5% fresh waters and the wars of the future will probably be about access to drinking water. Already today, one-third of the African population has no access to safe drinking water and in Uganda it is almost half of the population. As a result of contaminated waters, 75% of all diseases in Uganda are waterborne.

Tusafishe builds low-cost bio-sand water filter systems for safe and clean drinking water. With Tusafishe water is filtered through a natural process using granite sand. Bacteria and viruses are removed and safe water with nutritious minerals produced. The process emulates nature’s way of filtering water through its soils and springs.

Water filters are provided to rural public secondary schools in Uganda, who need them the most. One filter can supply up to 2000 students on a daily basis. Tusafishe also conducts trainings and sensitizations for communities to eradicate waterborne diseases and equip students with the skills to build and maintain filters using available resources, so as to replicate the solution in their homes.

The goal is to eradicate waterborne diseases in Uganda by 2050.