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Voluntourism Lesson Plans


Questions you will explore

  • Why do people volunteer? And why does Altruism feel so good?
  • Why is volunteering overseas a popular thing to do?
  • What is "bottom-up" aid or "grass roots" and why is this a positive model for helping others?
  • What are some of the positive and negative impacts of volunteering overseas on people involved?
  • What are some of the problems with volunteering in orphanages?
  • What is ethical volunteering and how can we make volunteering overseas positive for everyone by being ethical and sustainable?

Aims & Objectives:

Each lesson starts with a short film which serves as the platform for the lesson’s discussions, allowing students to engage firstly with the ideas raised in the film and then develop insight and engagement in the topic. Students will practise skills of critical thinking & questioning, deep listening and empathy building. Lessons will engage students in the impact of volunteering on self and community, allowing them to see the merit of altruism. They will be challenged to examine the roles and responsibilities that come with ethical volunteering, learning about ripple effects of non-sustainable projects and working towards an understanding of how to be a positive global citizen.


Beyond Lessons


To enhance the learning further, why not engage your students with:



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