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Waste Lesson Plans


Questions you will explore

  • Where does our rubbish go when we throw it away (because there is no such place as 'away')?

  • Why are we all producing so much rubbish?

  • Why is there no waste in nature?

  • What is the impact on the natural world of human rubbish?

  • How does so much plastic pollution end up in the ocean?

  • Whose responsibility is it to deal with our rubbish?

  • How can we reduce the amount of rubbish we throw away?

  • What does ‘Zero-waste’ mean?


Aims & Objectives:

Students will practise skills of critical thinking & questioning, deep listening and empathy building by engaging in a wide range of learning stimulus, discussion ideas and creative exercises.

Lessons in this topic will examine some of the issues surrounding the rubbish that we make, helping pupils to understand why we produce so much rubbish as well as the impact of it on our natural landscape.

Discussions will explore the ways in which nature deals with waste, thinking about the different sorts of waste that humans produce and ways we can all cut down on our waste. Students will work on a range of creative projects to explore, engage, inspire and empower others to cut down on the waste they are producing in their daily lives.


Beyond Lessons


To extend the learning further, why not engage your pupils with:

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