A mission to innovate and educate
Thinking critically about our world

Our children are growing up in uncertain times with complex social, cultural & environmental challenges. Our mission is to help young people understand the world around them and find their place within it. Our extensive research shapes innovative learning approaches to help a global network of schools push educational norms and adopt progressive teaching & learning methodologies.


A clear vision to shape the future
Putting the heart back into learning

At the heart of ThoughtBox is the knowledge that education needs to nurture the whole child. When young people are given the space to think deeply about the things that really matter, they develop a broader sense of knowledge, compassion, empathy, values, confidence and resilience, giving them the tools and motivation to create a better future.

“We envision a next generation who think critically, act with empathy and compassion and feel a sense of connection within a rapidly changing world.”

The thinking behind the curriculum
Building empathy in every classroom

ThoughtBox programmes help pupils to think more critically about the present and the future, engaging with their thoughts and feelings and developing a more reflective kind of self-awareness.

We focus on:

  • Working towards achieving a more just and sustainable present and future in which people and planet are seen as equally important

  • Developing the skills, attitudes and values which encourage foresight and enable pupils to identify probable and preferable lives both now and in the future

  • Increasing understanding of the social, cultural and environmental influences which shape personal, local and global actions and futures

  • Enabling pupils to understand the links between their own lives and those of others around the world

We offer a values-based framework to our work, designed around sustainable education practices which promote whole-systems thinking and nurture the wellbeing of our school communities.

This sort of learning can’t wait.


ThoughtBox People


Partnerships With Purpose

ThoughtBox partners with companies and organisations that are as committed as we are in creating a better future.
We work closely with our partners to create initiatives with both local and global impact.