Do you always look for both sides of the story?

As the ceremony took place yesterday in Jerusalem to open the new US Embassy, scenes of clapping and cheering from US and Israeli VIPs were accompanied by tweets and and a video message from Donald Trump in which he "extended a hand in friendship to Israel, the Palestinians and to all of their neighbours", stating simply "may there be peace.”

On the other side of the fence, literally, 58 Palestinians were killed and hundreds injured by Israeli forces as tens of thousands protested along the frontier against the opening of the US embassy.

In a move by the US that has sparked international condemnation, it felt even more crass that a statement "wishing for peace" from the President was thrown at an event that can do nothing but build tensions even higher in a highly fractious area.
Understanding that things are not as 'glossy' as they seem is an important part of critical thinking, and asking questions - rather than just accepting information - helps us all to move towards understanding even just a little bit more of the story.