Is a hug as good as a drug?

How well do you listen and how much are you heard? Did you know that listening and being heard and cared for can act as natural healers?  So just much can empathy heal? This is a question that many doctors and medical practitoners are asking, as research shows just how powerful the healing can be of empathic engagement. Giving someone time, listening and caring, giving someone a hug -these are all stimulants that can help the body and mind to heal, and medical practitioners are being encouraged to have more connection with patients in their surgeries.

So are there times when a hug is a better prescription than a drug? 
Take a listen to this podcast or share your thoughts:

"How well do you listen? How well are you heard? Turns out the answers to those questions may affect your health – and the health of those around you. Yet doctors often find themselves devoting more time to facing screens than the patients they serve. We’re joined by a physician who writes about the importance of connection between patients and practitioners, caregivers and loved ones"

Rachel MussonComment