ThoughtBox CPD programmes are focused on helping teachers discover new directions and methods for having conversations about complex and sometimes controversial topics. A series of workshops that promise to stir curiosity, light fires and inject independent thought and empathy directly into the classroom.

All teacher training workshops are interactive and highly recommended to get you started with either ThoughtBox Primary or Secondary school curriculum, supporting PSHE and SMSC education.


Programme details

CPD Duration: 2 hours - half day
Format: In-house and regional active learning programme
Group Size:  Up to 200 staff
Facilitator: ThoughtBox Teachers (15yrs+ experience in the classroom)
COST: £350 + expenses


This training helps you learn to create safe spaces to talk about key global issues in order to support young people’s sense of confidence and connection to their place in the world. Bring empathy and wellbeing into the heart of your teaching.


By offering students the opportunity to explore and question real-world issues, we are telling them that their voices matter. A series of regional ThoughtBox training on Connected Classrooms, introducing methodologies for creating healthy classroom environments.


This course focuses on creating safe spaces in our classrooms to support young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing. We explore how (and why) to discuss controversial issues in the classroom, helping children to learn to develop resilience whilst exploring some of the key issues facing us in the 21st century. We share simple and empowering teaching and learning strategies for staff to help pupils to feel resilient and empowered when facing these challenges.

Key areas covered:

  • How can we talk about tricky issues in the classroom and why should we?

  • How can we create healthy classrooms to best support our students' emotional well-being and academic progress?

  • How can we nurture emotional intelligence and resilience in our students?

  • What are some whole school approaches and practices to nurture long-term emotional health?

What you will learn:

You will explore facilitation as a method of teaching and learn a range of pedagogical techniques to transform your classroom into safe spaces and healthy environments. 

We will share strategies to encourage critical thinking, empathy and emotional intelligence within the school environment. You will learn methodologies to support a more connected learning environment, with a focus on creating healthier student/teacher connections, encouraging students to join the dots on their learning and allowing them to make connections between what they explore in the classroom and what is happening in the world.  

Using the ThoughtBox curriculum alongside these methods allows students to feel confident discussing some the issues happening around them and also to develop stronger connections to themselves and the wider school community.

The Connected Classrooms CPD was a great opportunity to discuss, learn and reflect on important areas of the PSHE curriculum. Rachel led the training brilliantly, with high quality resources and inspiring videos and supporting materials.
— Ben Cotton | Deputy Head | King Edward VI Community College
The CPD session was fantastic and created a real buzz from the staff – they are all really excited about teaching PSHE with ThoughtBox, even the most usually cynical of teachers!
— Jess Anderson | Head of PSHE | Kingswood Prep School
Such an engaging training to help us create healthy classrooms and to prepare us for using ThoughtBox – it really resonated with us all and we are so looking forward to implementing these ideas across the school.
— Natilie Cocker | Head of PSHE | Whitley Park Primary School