Become the teacher you wish you'd had. Transform your classroom with empathy and compassion

According to the World Health Organisation, by 2020 depression will be the second largest cause of disability in human populations. We believe this points partly to an empathy deficit in our schools, and thus it is our responsibility - as teachers - to help prevent these statistics from becoming a reality.

We know that healthy results come from healthy minds and are nurtured through healthy classrooms. With this in mind, ThoughtBox offers bespoke CPD Sessions to connect schools and educators with progressive learning methods to support healthy and successful classroom environments.

What you will learn:

We will share strategies to facilitate critical thinking, empathy and emotional intelligence within the school environment. You will learn methodologies to support a more connected learning environment, with a focus on creating healthier student/teacher connections, encouraging students to join the dots on their learning and allowing them to make connections between what they explore in the classroom and what is happening in the world.  We will discuss effective learning methods being used around the world to create safe and open environments, helping teachers and young people to explore challenging topics.

You will be certified in delivering ThoughtBox topics which cover Social Perspectives, Cultural Identities and Environmental Engagement.

Key questions covered:

  • Why do we need to nurture emotional intelligence and resilience in our students?
  • How can we create healthy classrooms to best support our students' emotional well-being and academic progress?
  • How are critical thinking and empathy vital tools to support emotional health?
  • How can we, as teachers, both practise and nurture these skills in others?
  • How does connected learning happen in the classroom?
  • What are some whole school approaches to nurturing emotional health?

Training Details

CPD Duration: 2 hours - half day
Format: In-house interactive training
Group Size:  Up to 200 staff
Facilitator: ThoughtBox Teachers (15yrs+ experience in the classroom)
COST: £300 or available as part of our ThoughtBox Memberships. 

Excellent session! It was engaging, relevant and well presented. Rachel offers a great balance of theory and supporting examples to illustrate how to put new ideas into practice.
— Head of PSHE, Marine Academy Plymouth
The Healthy Classrooms CPD was a great opportunity to discuss, learn and reflect on key areas of PSHE. Rachel led the training brilliantly, with high quality resources, excellent lesson plans and great supporting material. Thank you!
— Deputy Head, King Edward VI Community College